01 Jan

hardcoregrrrl-deactivated201206 said: You said you refused to support Dragon Tattoo. It's out now and it's polar opposite of what many people assumed in June. While a lot of feminists won't care for the revenge scene, and the rape scene was really hard to take, it was a great movie in deconstructing the idea of a vulnerable woman who needs saving. But good idea in judging the movie on a poster that came out 6 mos before its release. Judge a book by it's cover much?

(In reference to this post.)

I guess I thought “not giving money to institutions that objectify women in order to sell shit if you don’t want to” was like Liberal Feminism 101, sry.

I understand that a lot of people were pleasantly surprised with Fincher’s adaptation*, especially given that his record of not-sexist-movies is, while not terrible, somewhat spotty. Still, I don’t think that “assuming David Fincher’s adaptation of Dragon Tattoo will be sexist” is a case of “judging a book by its cover” as much as, maybe, “judging a book by its contents, which many argue are exploitative of rape victims” or “judging a film by its director, who has a history of making adaptations which strip women of their autonomy” or, you know, “judging a film by its production staff who thought it was a good idea to sexualize a rape victim in order to advertise.” I would hate to be responsible for the latter earning a paycheck.

For the record, I don’t think the books are anti-feminist, and I think that it’s really interesting that Larsson wrote a rape revenge novel because he felt bad that he had been complicit in a woman’s rape when he was a teenager. But, like, am I supposed to praise his estate? Because they are making shit fucking tons of money off this girl’s experience. Can someone prove to me that they are giving that money back to survivors? Because they should be.

*See Catherine A. Traywick at Ms., Emma Gray at Huffington Post, and since I’m aggregating aggregates, I’d also recommend Dodai Stewart’s “An Unabridged List of Words Used to Describe Lisbeth Salander" at Jezebel. I would also suggest s.e. smith’s piece at Bitch if you’re interested in a reading of the books as feminist works.

Also, back to Feminism 101: A book with a sexist cover is still a sexist book. That’s how this works.

We encourage you guys to write reviews of the film and submit them to us. I sure as hell am not wasting my money on it, at least not until it comes to Family Video.

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    Wait a minute… No, it isn’t. A book with a sexist cover has a sexist cover that was selected by the publishing house....
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