18 Jun

You Are Better Than That, and by “That” I mean “Sex”

Today I watched, among other things, I Love You Beth Cooper, The Girl Next Door, and Easy A. 

In the first, Hayden Panettiere makes out with a party store clerk for free beer and because She Is A Free Spirit.  She is okay with it, because She Is A Free Spirit and also because of free beer.  But then, later, Skinny Boy That She Will Inevitably See For His Heart of Gold looks at her and says, “You are better than that.”

You are better than that. 

And then she got all teary-eyed and serious-faced like oh skinny dude, you have a heart of gold.  By telling me what my body is and isn’t good for, I can tell that you know The Real Me, and I am not really a Free Spirit Who Likes Free Beer And/Or Sex.  I am a sweet girl.  I am better than that.

The Girl Next Door
could be titled Successful Porn Start Saved By a High School Dude Who Likes To Speak For Her.  The trope takes pretty much any form imaginable in this movie:

  • When the skinny dude finds out that Elisha Cuthbert is/was a porn star, he is mean to her and takes her to a motel to take advantage of her.  When he realizes that that is a bad idea, he decides he no longer wants to have sex with her because you cannot like someone and also have sex with them.
  • He also shows up to her lucrative porn convention in order to yell at her and tell her that she is very unhappy, and he can tell that she is not where she belongs.  And she, of course, doesn’t say anything.  Then he tells her producer that she is not happy, and no one asks her anything, and anyway she cries or something and shows up at his house the next day in jeans after skipping out on a $30,000 shoot.

You could say there is a version of You Are Better Than That in Easy A in that the entire film is Olive reiterating that she is not, in fact, a slut.  But really, You Are Better Than That is only truly in action when it’s uttered by a man.  But have no fear!  In the end, the only guy who Really Likes Her is the one who believes that she would not really have sex (and he knows this because she would not kiss him when they were twelve, or something).  He knows her, obviously.

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    i really loved easy a on a personal, this-is-so-bad-for-me-but-it’s-so-good level but YES, YES YES to all of this, yeah,...
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    omg i hated easy a she surrendered her morals for public opinion after all
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    Yessssssss! I fully agree!
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