18 Jun

Ad for “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” Movie Leaves No Nip Unslipped


The U.S. movie version of the Swedish movie version of the massive bestselling book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo will be advertised with … boobs. The new movie poster, featuring a topless Lisbeth Salander’s pierced nipples, is a far cry from author Stieg Larsson’s original book, published in Swedish as Men Who Hate Women. Now Larsson is dead, Columbia Pictures and director David Fincher appear intent on upping the skin-quotient for the American audience.

Doubtless this is a smart business move. Sex does indeed sell. Still, it says something rather depressing about how studios believe fans respond to advertising. This, after all, is a grim, brooding tale about violence toward women that is supposed to appall you, not turn you on.

It’s also a little unnecessary. Tattoo has been such a massive phenomenon in the U.S. — it’s difficult to board a plane without seeing at least one passenger with her head inside Larsson’s books — that the poster will make only a marginal difference to the film’s fortunes.
Smart business move, my ass. I am officially refusing to support this movie. I’ve seen the original and I loved how the female protagonist wasn’t sexualized for no reason. But UGH the US version isnt even out yet and I’m already pissed off.vs. come ON!!!!!!!!
fuck you, ‘merica.
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    I’ve gotta admit, it’s a terrible ad. I hope the film keeps to the book’s original themes rather than tries to milk the...
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    OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE. First of all, I cannot express how much I dislike how every successful European film or tv-show have...
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    ARE YOU SERIOUS? tgJNHthmkjuklytul.
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    Don’t judge a movie by its poster.
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    I was pretty mad when I found out they were remaking the movies. Still mad.
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    What. The. Fuck. The trailer had me intrigued (even tho I LOVE the Swedish versions) but now I’m just annoyed.
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    …..I’m too mad to even comment on this. So everything that was just said.
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    Yeah i feel the same as all of this ^ Lisbeth is defiantly not like that, this movie is going to be so much different...
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    I just finished reading the third book in the trilogy today. Seriously fantastic books. I agree with the above. Columbia...
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    Okay. I really don’t like this. As a huge fan of the Millennium trilogy, the American poster really makes me confused...
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    I saw the teaser and I was thinking it was looking good and then I saw the poster and I was so disappointed. Why do you...
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    well, actually i don’t think the swedish film adaptions were much better since the books are pretty misogynist....
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    Also, shitty? You’ve seen it?
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    NO. Just NO. These are movies that don’t need to be touched!!! They are so amazing as they are. FUCK I’m actually mad...
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    One more reason the Hollywood remake of Män som hatar kvinnor will not get me to a cinema.
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    I think what blows my mind most is just the fact that the poster completely contradicts the content of the books. and...
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    This is beyond fucked up. I’ll be sticking with the Swedish version, thank you very much.
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    What. In. The. Actual. Fuck. No. No. No. NO. You do NOT fuck with one of my favorite book series. Lisbeth Salander is...
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    this fucking pisses me the fuck off. Stieg Larsson’s dead so now you go and piss all over his fucking masterpiece? shame...
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